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Reduce the Risk of Exposure to Influenza in the Workplace

According to CDC’s influenza surveillance report published on January 3, 2014, significant increases in flu activity in the United States have occurred in the last couple weeks, indicating that flu season is here.


Reporting Near Misses, Abnormal Events, or Unsafe Conditions

Reporting a a near miss helps facilitate safe practices in the work place, provides the division with valuable information and helps prevent future accidents and injuries.


Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting?

The LBNL ergonomics group advises to alternate from SITTING to STANDING every hour for 20-30 minute intervals or as needed.


ESD Site Environmentally Stellar

The Earth Sciences Division was recently awarded “LEED Platinum” status for its newly redesigned headquarters in Bld. 74—the first such award for any Berkeley Lab or DOE building within the Science Laboratory Infrastructure program.


CPR & First Aid Courses Offered June 17

Margaret Torn and the EHSS training department have scheduled First Aid and CPR training for ESD staff.

Onsite Massage Program

To help staff reduce stress, the Lab hosts a weekly massage program on the main site.


Smokers Reminded to Comply With Lab Policy

To diminish fire and health hazards, employees who smoke are reminded to adhere to the Lab’s policy on smoking.


Emergency Go Kit Contest

This year’s Emergency Go Kit Contest allows you to show your resourcefulness and win a cash prize of up to $250.


After Hours Taxi

There is after hour/weekend taxi service available


Bicycle Rules and Safety

The following policy outlines measures that bicyclists must address