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Janet Jansson Wins Microbiology Honor

ESD’s Janet Jansson was recently awarded Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology, recognizing her excellence, originality, and creativity in the microbiological sciences.


ESD Scientists Win FY2013 LBNL LDRD Awards

Scientists within the Earth Sciences Division won a number of LBNL FY2013 Laboratory Directed Research and Development awards, as announced recently within TABL by Lab Director Paul Alivisatos and shown below. Bravo, all!


Congratulations to Ulisses!

ESD congratulates Ulisses Nunes da Rocha for recently receiving the NSF “Science Education Leadership Award,” recognizing Ulisses’ significant contribution towards and leadership in synthetic biology education, outreach, and training.


Pruess Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

ESD’s Karsten Pruess was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Development of the TOUGH Codes on Tuesday, September 18th at the 2012 TOUGH Symposium, in LBNL’s Building 50 Auditorium.


ESD Geophysicists Win Best Paper Award

A team of ESD geophysicists led by Jonathan Ajo-Franklin recently won an award for the Best Paper Presented at the 2011 SEG Annual Meeting. This award will be presented at the SEG 2012 Annual Meeting at Las Vegas coming up this November.


ESD Scientists Garner LBNL Awards

Gary Andersen and the ESD TOUGH Software group were winners of the LBNL Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement—Andersen for the PhyloChip array and the TOUGH team for supporting diverse applications and licensing of the TOUGH code.


ESD’s Nakagawa Receives BES Award

ESD’s Seiji Nakagawa and his collaborators recently received an award for the best research presentation, at the Annual Symposium for the Geosciences Research Program, within the DOE’s Office of Basic Energy Sciences.


ESD's Innovation Grant Awards

ESD scientists, George Pau, Stefan Finsterle, Eric Sonnenthal, Michael Commer Greg Newman and Petr Petrov, along with other Lab scientists win first Innovation Grant Awards.


ESD Scientists Win DOE Secretary Honor Awards

This month (October 2011), several ESD scientists were winners of the coveted DOE Secretary’s Achievement Honor Awards.


Waychunas Wins Clay Minerals Award

The American Clay Minerals Society has honored ESD’s Glenn Waychunas with the “Pioneer in Clay Science” award, to be bestowed on him at the Clay Minerals Society Annual Meeting at Lake Tahoe, this coming September 25–30.