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Biraud Studies Warming Trend in Alaska

Sebastien Biraud will lead a group of scientists in an aerial campaign this summer (2015) to measure gas concentrations, aerosols, and cloud properties—to find out why current climate models underestimate how rapidly the Arctic is getting warmer.


Romps’ New Technique Tracks Cloud Behavior

ESD’s David Romps and Rusen Oktem are collecting three-dimensional data (using off-the-shelf digital cameras) on cloud behavior that have never been possible to collect before. In this way, Romps can measure how fast the clouds rise, which in turn can shed light on a wide range of areas, ranging from...


Margaret Torn Receives Honorary Doctorate

Margaret Torn received an honorary doctorate from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, for her “outstanding achievements and fundamental contributions to understanding biogeochemical processes in ecosystems.”


California Fogs Are Thinning

Commenting on recent research indicating that California fog is thinning, ESD climate scientist Travis O’Brien noted that it's “the first definitive look at how fog might change for a specific coastal region.”