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Williams featured in DOE JGI's collaborating science videos on Genomes-to-Watershed SFA

Source:  Ken Williams, and Maryann Villavert

Berkeley Lab earth scientist Kenneth Hurst Williams, recently featured in DOE JGI's collaborating science videos, describes the DOE-BER supported research activities at the Rifle, Colorado field site (Genomes-to-Watershed Scientific Focus Area (SFA2.0) and its relationship to other contaminated floodplains within the DOE complex.  View this video from Berkeley Lab's YouTube channel.

For a more detailed discussion about the SFA2.0 project go to their website.

And in case you missed our previous posts regarding video releases about SFA2.0, here is a recap:

In December of 2014, at the one-year anniversary of the Genomes-to-Watershed Scientific Focus Area (SFA2.0), Berkeley Lab’s Earth Sciences Division (ESD) released a video on its groundbreaking vision and plan, followed by videos on watershed structure and controls and metabolic potential. View all current videos from the ESD Berkeley Lab YouTube Channel playlist,  "Genomes to Watershed (SFA2.0)"

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