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TOUGH Symposium 2015—9/28-9/30

Source:  Stefan Finsterle, Carol Valladao and Dan Hawkes

This coming fall, ESD is once again pleased to host the TOUGH Symposium—“TOUGH Symposium 2015”—happening September 28-30, at Berkeley Lab. This special event, which takes places every three years and gathers together TOUGH code users from throughout the world, consists of oral and poster presentations, with proceedings published online, and includes a welcome reception and banquet dinner featuring an invited talk. Depending on demand, short courses on select TOUGH codes will be offered immediately preceding and/or following the Symposium. Selected papers will be submitted for inclusion in special issues of major scientific journals. 

The TOUGH codes have been developed by ESD over the past 30 years and are among the most widely used numerical tools for modeling the Earth subsurface in the world. They are a suite of computer programs for the simulation of multiphase fluid and heat flows in porous and fractured media with applications to geothermal reservoir engineering, nuclear waste disposal in geologic formations, geologic carbon sequestration, gas hydrate research, vadose zone hydrology, environmental remediation, oil and gas reservoir engineering, and other mass transport and energy transfer problems in complex geologic settings.

To read more, go to the TOUGH website

For more information, Download the TOUGH-Symposium Flyer 2015