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Holm Paper Receives DOE Recognition

Source:  Jennifer Holm and Dan Hawkes

PNNL researchers and colleagues tested a variety of forest models against real-world data from an experimental forest in Michigan where trees were "girdled" to make them die. They found that current models don’t take into account the way today’s forests are aging.


Holm_smallAn investigative team largely from Pacific Northwest National Lab, but including ESD’s Jennifer Holm, recently published a paper (in Biogeosciences) that was noted in a post this past week (March 25) on the home page of the DOE Office of Science website. The article, provocatively titled “Does Death Stalk the Forest?”, notes the increasing rate of tree mortality throughout the U.S., but suggests that the main problem in predicting the resilience of forests may be in the current forest models themselves.

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Citation: Bond-Lamberty B., J.P. Fisk, J.A. Holm, V. Bailey, G. Bohrer, and C.M. Gough (2015) Moderate Forest Disturbance as a Stringent Test for Gap and Big-Leaf ModelsBiogeosciences, 12, 513–526; DOI:10.5194/bg-12-513-2015.