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Torok Screens Plants for Natural Products

Source:  LBNL TABL and Dan Hawkes

Portrait_tamastorokA team of Earth scientists including ESD’s Tamas Torok demonstrated that in vitro biodiversity is sufficiently broad enough to be used for natural plant product screening. In vitro cultures showed enough biodiversity to serve as a faster, cheaper, and more stable alternative to intact plants for natural product screening.

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Citation: Kuchuk, N.V., V.B. Belokurova , N.A. Matvieieva, A.A. Peterson, M.Y.  Vasylenko,  I.M. Kurchenko, L.E. Kurbatova, T. Torok, and J.C.  Hunter-Cevera (2014), Screening plant biodiversity in vitro for new  natural products.  Industrial Biotechnology. 10(5), 363–368; DOI:10.1089/ind.2014.0015.