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ESD on New Microbes-to-Biomes Website

Brodie_nico_m2bSource:  LBNL TABL and Dan Hawkes

The Labwide initiative Microbes-to-Biomes (M2B) has established a new website to chronicle news and advancements in M2B’s research mission, featuring five new projects funded through the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program. Highlighted among these new 2015 projects is one involving harnessing the soil microbiome for food and fuel security, with ESD Ecosystems Biology Program Head Eoin Brodie and ESD Geochemistry Department Head Peter Nico as primary investigators.

The M2B initiative is designed to explore and reveal the interactions of microbes with one another and with their environment – interactions that are vital to the Earth’s future. To jumpstart the discovery process, M2B is targeting two key systems: the soil-plant biome and the gut microbiome. Research areas include Food and Fuel Production, Carbon Management, Environmental Stewardship, and Health and Environment. Learn more about M2B

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