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GOAmazon Tracks Pollution’s Effect on Rainforest

Source:  Dan Hawkes

Rainforest_chambersAs recently  described (March 26, 2014) in Agencia FAPESP (the Sao Paolo news agency), ESD climate scientist Jeff Chambers is part of the GOAmazon project studying the Amazon rainforest and its response to growing pollution from urbanization and burning of biomass. Chambers’ Berkeley Lab work is specifically designed to study the influence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on plant physiology, and to understand how carbon emissions change according to the amount of sunlight and rain— and how all of this affects the forest ecosystem. Measurements are being taken at a set of towers located 50 km north of Manaus, Brazil.

The GOAmazon program, which started in January 2014, brings together researchers from several Brazilian and North American universities and institutes and is financed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), FAPESP, and the Amazonas Research Foundation (FAPEAM), among other partners.

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