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Funding Opportunity Announcements to Support Nuclear Energy Research and Infrastructure

Source:  Jens Birkholzer and Lisa Kelly

Funding Opportunity Announcement:DE-FOA-0000998

The Nuclear Energy University Program has just issued it's annual call for proposals, Download Announcement. Some information is also given here.

Most of the relevant topics are in  the so-called Appendix A, which are university led but can have a up to 20% national lab partner. Appendix B can be led by national labs, but is narrower in scope, and probably not applicable to us. Appendix C are again university led, this time for large integrated projects (university consortia, a few limited topics).

If you are interested and/or have questions, please feel free to talk to Jens Birkholzer. Most importantly, you need to have a strong university partner and a good research idea that fits into the FY14 workscope laid out in the call.

A short pre-application is due by December 2, 2013. If selected, full proposals due by April 3, 2014.