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Combining Polycrystals with Poroelasticity

Source:  Dan Hawkes

Analysis of random polycrystals has typically been applied to solid grains of anisotropic elastic materials. Poroelastic analysis has typically been applied to otherwise isotropic systems with pores having a variety of shapes and filled with fluids. In a recently published paper, ESD’s Jim Berryman combines these two types of geomechanical analyses by treating anisotropic poroelastic grains jumbled together to form an overall polycrystalline poroelastic material.

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Citation: Berryman, J. (2013), Combining analysis of random elastic polycrystals with poroelasticity for granular composites having orthotropic porous grains and fluid-filled pores.  International Journal of Engineering Science, 72, 11–21. DOI:

Funding Source: BES