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Druhan Awarded at Swiss Conference

Source:  Dan Hawkes

Druhan-imageThis past August (2013), at the EnvironMetal Isotopes (EMI) Conference in Ascona, Switzerland, Jennifer Druhan (of ESD and Stanford) was awarded the prize for best oral presentation (out of 30 such presentations). Her talk was entitled “Calcium isotope fractionation in groundwater: A coupled modeling approach to quantify δ44Ca enrichment during calcite precipitation.” The work described in the talk—funded by the DOE SFA Program and resulting from Druhan’s collaboration with several ESD scientists (including Carl Steefel, Ken Williams, and Don DePaolo)—was part of a longer paper recently published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta on modeling the fundamental processes governing the growth of calcite. 

The EMI Conference assembled international scientists (PhD students and more senior researchers) to present and discuss the latest scientific effort in stable metal isotope fractionation, using theoretical, experimental, and field-based approaches—with a focus on applications in environmental studies.

Congratulations, Jenny! 

Citation: Druhan, J.L., C.I. Steefel, K.H. Williams, and D.J. DePaolo (2013), Calcium isotope fractionation in groundwater: Molecular scale processes influencing field scale behavior. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 119, 93-116.

Funding: BER, SBR, SFA, Rifle IFRC