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Watch Us Collect Data in the Arctic

Source: LBNL TABL and Susan Hubbard

As part of the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE), several LBNL-ESD researchers led by ESD Director Susan Hubbard, have joined other National Laboratory scientists as part of a team engaged in highly diverse data collecting activities in the Arctic. These activities include laying out cables and inserting electrodes into the ground, walking (or pulling by snowmobile) an electromagnetic sensor back and forth across the plot, collecting ground-penetrating radar data, and even flying cameras on kites (to relate all the other measurements—that take place on a transect—to the wider tundra region).


Below is a short slideshow of the team collecting data during a trip in July 2013:


These NGEE activities, conducted at the Barrow (Alaska) Environmental Observatory, 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle, are all part of the effort to gain an advanced understanding, and modeling, of integrated ecosystem processes within the Arctic.

ESD participants in NGEE in addition to Hubbard (who leads the site characterization effort)  are as follows: Margaret Torn (Integrated Model Data lead), Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Gautam Bisht, Eoin Brodie, Romy Chakraborty, Mark Conrad, J. Bryan Curtis, Baptiste Dafflon, Dipankar Deivedi, Shan Dou, Barry Freifeld, Bardan Ghimire, Melanie Hahn, Janet Jansson, Tim Kneafsey, Charlie Koven, Seiji Nakagawa, Peter Nico, John Peterson, Rachel Porras, Bill Riley, Julia Siegrist, Lydia Smith, Jinyun Tang, Neslihan Tas, Craig Ulrich, Haruko Wainright, Ken Williams, Yuxin Xu, and Naama Yaseef.

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