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ESD’s Baptiste Dafflon Awarded 2013 Paul Niggli Medal

Source:  Susan Hubbard and Dan Hawkes

Niggli_awardonly Baptiste_only

This past week (July 2013), ESD’s Baptiste Dafflon received word that he had been awarded the prestigious Paul Niggli Medal, presented annually to young Swiss scientists, for his “original research contributions to the geophysical exploration of aquifers and permafrost environments.” The Board of the Paul Niggli Foundation, in announcing this award, noted how Dafflon’s work applies to both mineralogy/petrology and geophysics, “both close to the heart and mind of Paul Niggli and his descendants who created this award.” 

This medal will be awarded by the Swiss Institut für Geochemie und Petrologie at this year’s Swiss Geoscience Meeting, to be held in Lausanne on November 15–16.  

Congratulations, Baptiste!