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Moridis on Board of Computers & Geosciences

Portrait_georgemoridisThis past week (May 2013), ESD’s George Moridis was honored by being named to the board of the journal Computers & Geosciences, an Elsevier publication.

Moridis is renowned for his significant contributions to research into analysis, design, and prediction of gas production from unconventional gas resources, notably gas hydrates, and as developer of the TOUGH+ software for modeling fluid flow and transport in complex geologic media (a member of the TOUGH family of codes). He is on the Editorial board of "Transport in Porous Media" (TIPM) and the "Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering" (JNGSE), and an Associate Editor of TIPM, JNGSE and the SPE Journal. In 2010, he was honored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) with Distinguished Membership status.

As noted on its website, Computers & Geosciences publishes high impact, original research at the interface between computer sciences and geosciences, applying  modern computer science paradigms, whether computational or informatics-based, to address problems in the geosciences. As a board member of this journal, Moridis will be instrumental in maintaining and improving journal standards, specifically monitoring the editorial policy of the journal, both in terms of its coverage and the level and quality of its scientific writing.