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ESD's Terry Hazen Reflects on Gulf Oil Spill


It’s been nearly a year since a deep-sea oil rig exploded, spewing million of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. After months of research, a microbial ecologist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory says a previously unknown microbe was instrumental in the cleanup. “They can sense the oil and move toward it,” said Berkeley Lab researcher Terry Hazen. “So they’re little oil-seeking missiles, sort of.”

Read the TABL article & view the ABC news video >

More Info:

An April 21 Marketplace story on public radio quoted David Fridley in a story on reducing the reliance on oil.

An April 21 Guardian story of a report on green companies quoted the Lab’s Jonathan Koomey.

An April 20 Associated Press story noted the results of a recent Inspector General’s report on the hiring practices of Lab subcontractors.

An April 19 EE Times story featured work on plasmonics led by Lab Director Paul Alivisatos and postdoc Prashant Jain. The Daily Cal also covered their work.

An April 19 Daily Breeze story on third hand smoke quoted the Lab’s Hugo Destaillats.

An April 19 National Geographic story on the one-year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill quoted the Lab’s Terry Hazen. Hazen’s work was also cited on MSNBC, KGO-TV, and in The Washington Post.