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Susan Hubbard Heads Earth and Environmental Sciences Area

After a comprehensive search, Susan Hubbard has been selected as Associate Laboratory Director for the new Earth and Environmental Sciences Area, effective immediately.


Making Nuclear Facilities More Resilient

Berkeley Lab helped organize the recent Pacific Rim Forum on the Earthquake Resilience of Nuclear Facilities—the overarching objective of which was to share lessons for enhancing the earthquake resilience of nuclear facilities.

Collins, Governor Brown Talk Climate Change

ESD’s Bill Collins recently met with Governor Brown and a UN delegation on climate change. California's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could be a model for global leaders in fashioning a universal climate change agreement

Tree of Life Gets New Members

ESD’s Jill Banfield led a team that recently discovered many new groups or phyla of bacteria. The more than 35 new phyla equal in number all the plant and animal phyla combined. ESD’s Kenneth Williams was also involved in the research.


Searching the Amazon for Climate Change Clues

Peering deeply into the Amazon, which has recently seen two "megadroughts,” scientists may be able to measure the impact of climate change globally, and also collect clues about how California's vegetation might be affected by drought

Ramirez Wins Silver Medal at HHMI

John Ramirez, who is being mentored by Tamas Torok of EES-ESD Division, won a silver medal for a poster he presented on the detection of riboswitches in mycobacterial viruses at a recent Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) conference.


Biraud Studies Warming Trend in Alaska

Sebastien Biraud will lead a group of scientists in an aerial campaign this summer (2015) to measure gas concentrations, aerosols, and cloud properties—to find out why current climate models underestimate how rapidly the Arctic is getting warmer.

Jizhong Zhou Wins E.O. Lawrence Award

Joe Zhou, a long-time affiliate of ESD’s Ecology Department and strong collaborator on many key projects (including ENIGMA related work), has just won the DOE 2014 Ernest Orland Lawrence Award, DOE’s highest scientific honor.

Christensen Wins Safety Photo Contest

ESD’s John Christensen won the LBNL “All Eyes on Safety” photography contest that ended this past May 15.

Majer Wins Geothermal Energy Award

ESD’s Ernie Majer recently won a Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) award for excellence in induced seismicity and enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) research.