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ESD Tackles Tropical Forest C Balance

ESD’s Alan DiVittorio and others used an empirical tree-growth model to show that a power law distribution of event size is required to generate spatial clustering of mortality that is consistent with forest gap observations.


Rifle Snowmaking in the Name of Science

Ken Williams recently custom-generated snow at DOE’s Rifle, CO, site, as part of an effort to measure the level of snowmelt infiltration into soil and groundwater at the site.


Fung Paper Informs Policymakers, Public

Inez Fung led a U.S. team that partnered with the U.K. Royal Society in issuing a publication that distills climate change science, helping policymakers and the public make decisions toward mitigating climate change’s damaging effects.


Cold Room Core Jamboree: Scientists Work on NGEE Arctic Cores

Scientists from LANL visited Berkeley Lab in late February 2014 to work with ESD scientists Yuxin Wu, Craig Ulrich, Tim Kneafsey, and Catherine McKnight on Arctic soil cores collected at the NGEE Barrow, Alaska, site.


Key Photosynthesis Process Developed Before Oxygen

ESD’s Bob Buchanan was part of a team of researchers who recently discovered that a regulatory process activating photosynthesis in plants developed in ancient microbes long before oxygen was available on Earth.


ESD Pore-Scale Research among First Challenges to Edison

Pore-scale research modeling from ESD scientists Sergi Molins, Carl Steefel, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, and Li Yang was among the first simulations to test NERSC’s new supercomputer Edison.


Banfield Group Wins Honor

A recent article written by a group of UC scientists (Rose Kantor as lead author), and overseen by ESD’s Jillian Banfield, was honored by the journal mBio as an “editor’s pick” for the journal’s October-November 2013 issue.

Christer Jansson Putting Methane to Energy Use

ESD’s Christer Jansson leads a team of scientists working on producing an enzyme that will help convert methane, an abundant Earth resource, into a transportation fuel.


Accelerating Models with Existing Code

ESD’s Daniel Coleman and Daniel Feldman explored acceleration of a radiation code used in creating simulated satellite observations of predicted climate-change scenarios, achieving a speedup of 25 times over present speeds.

More Methane Than We Thought

ESD ‘s Sebastien Biraud was co-author of a scientific paper cited earlier this week in a New York Times article on the increasing emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas, into Earth’s atmosphere.