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Funding Opportunity Announcements to Support Nuclear Energy Research and Infrastructure

The Nuclear Energy University Program has just issued it's annual call for proposals; Funding Opportunity Announcement:DE-FOA-0000998


Honoring Women @ the Lab!

ESD Director Susan Hubbard was among 15 women scientists honored at Berkeley Lab, as part of a celebration of women science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers researching ways to change the world for the better.


ESD Site Environmentally Stellar

The Earth Sciences Division was recently awarded “LEED Platinum” status for its newly redesigned headquarters in Bld. 74—the first such award for any Berkeley Lab or DOE building within the Science Laboratory Infrastructure program.


Funding Opportunity for Commercialization -- Berkeley Lab Innovation

Call for Proposals for the Berkeley Lab Innovation Grants 2014. The purpose of the Innovation Grants Program is to advance the development of Lab inventions and software toward commercial applications.


Using SWIW Tests to Understand Fracture Effects

Modeling of flow and transport in fractured rock remains a challenging problem in hydrogeology, one that particularly arises in the context of finding and developing appropriate sites for radioactive waste containment.


ESD’s Rutqvist & Cappa Honored by ARMA

ESD’s Jonny Rutqvist (Staff Scientist) and Frederic Cappa (affiliated staff from University of Nice, France) received the 2013 Rock Mechanics Research Award from the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA).


A Wealth of Earth Day-Week Activities

LBNL Deputy Director Horst Simon, in a message to the Lab, announces a wealth of Lab activities related to Earth Day and Earth Week, and invites all Lab employees to learn how they can make a positive impact.


Electric Conductivity Logging for a Deep Artesian Well

The flowing fluid electric conductivity (FFEC) logging method is a well-logging technique used to estimate flow rate, salinity, transmissivity, and the hydraulic head of individual fractures or high-permeability zones intersected by a wellbore.

Thermodynamic Sorption Modeling for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Predicting the behavior of contaminants that may be released in surface and subsurface environments is a major challenge to environmental scientists worldwide.


San Onofre: A Year Off the Grid

ESD’s Bob Budnitz discusses the safety problems behind the recent outage of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station near San Diego, suggesting that the implications of a prolonged outage are mostly economic.