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LBNL and JAEA Reach Nuclear-Energy-Related Agreement

LBNL and JAEA reached an agreement to collaborate on developing “a methodology to evaluate the impact of geological disposal on the living environment (surface environment) and environmental safety science”


Cold Room Core Jamboree: Scientists Work on NGEE Arctic Cores

Scientists from LANL visited Berkeley Lab in late February 2014 to work with ESD scientists Yuxin Wu, Craig Ulrich, Tim Kneafsey, and Catherine McKnight on Arctic soil cores collected at the NGEE Barrow, Alaska, site.


ESD, LBNL Royalties Announced by Tech Transfer

As noted in a late February 2014 TABL-Tech Transfer article, ESD scientists recently received Lab royalties for their work.


ESD Hosts Complex Soil Systems Conference

ESD is pleased to host our first “Complex Soil Systems Conference,” taking place in the fall of 2014 (September 3-5).


Moridis on U.S. Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee

ESD’s George Moridis was recently appointed by to serve a two-year term on the Energy Department’s Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee, which offers advice to the Energy Department regarding methane hydrate research and development.


Jens Birkholzer Named Earth Sciences Division Deputy

Jens Birkholzer has been named as the new ESD Division Deputy. As announced by ESD's Director Susan Hubbard, Jens will have an expanded role in developing a variety of subsurface energy related opportunities at Berkeley Lab.


In Memorium: Ronald Schroeder

Ronald Schroeder, a geothermal reservoir engineer within ESD between 1976 and 1980, passed away on December 22, 2013.


Manga: Indonesian Volcano Will Soon Die

At the recent AGU meeting, ESD’s Michael Manga reported using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) techniques to conclude that an Indonesian volcano system is likely to be spent by 2017.

ESD Scientists Win LDRD Awards

ESD was well represented among Fiscal Year 2014 Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) award winners, as announced this week (12/16/2013) by the Berkeley Lab Directorate.

Fracking To Dispose of Nuclear Waste?

Scientists have recently proposed a method by which nuclear waste could in the future be contained by injecting it into fracking boreholes. ESD hydrologist Jens Birkholzer comments on this possibility.