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Transporting ESD’s Safety Culture

Former ESD scientist David Singer has set up safety guidelines (at his new job at Kent State) based on ESD safety practices, adopting the approach of creating a lab-specific safety primer on particular hazards.


Holiday Safety Tips

As part of our 24/7 Safety Program, I'd like to remind you of a few strategies that may help you enjoy the holidays without an incident.


Relevant for the Times We Live In

As part of the Division 24/7 safety campaign please watch this 6 minute video produced by Public Safety and Homeland Security on how to survive an active shooter in the workplace.

LBNL Traffic Safety

Share the road and slow for construction. Traffic laws are enforced by UC police and infractions incur traffic fines.


Vivi's Safety Corner - July 2012

Minimize Injury When Traversing Stairs


Vivi's Safety Corner - June 2012

24/7 - Safety Strategies You'd Never Think Of


Vivi's Safety Corner - May 2012

LBNL Safety Spot Award Program


Vivi's Safety Corner - March 2012

Off-Site Fieldwork Hazards and Controls


Vivi's Safety Corner - February 2012

Slowing Down in the Construction Zones


Vivi's Safety Corner - January 2012

1. Employee Reporting of abnormal events or unsafe conditions 2. Work Alone Policy