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Dobson Addresses Congressional Audience on Geothermal Energy

ESD’s Pat Dobson was one of three speakers as part of the Congressional “Energy from the Earth Briefing Series”—talks intended for Congressional staff members to help inform Federal energy legislation.


Jens Birkholzer Named Earth Sciences Division Deputy

Jens Birkholzer has been named as the new ESD Division Deputy. As announced by ESD's Director Susan Hubbard, Jens will have an expanded role in developing a variety of subsurface energy related opportunities at Berkeley Lab.


ESD Scientists Win LDRD Awards

ESD was well represented among Fiscal Year 2014 Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) award winners, as announced this week (12/16/2013) by the Berkeley Lab Directorate.


Honoring Women @ the Lab!

ESD Director Susan Hubbard was among 15 women scientists honored at Berkeley Lab, as part of a celebration of women science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers researching ways to change the world for the better.


ESD Site Environmentally Stellar

The Earth Sciences Division was recently awarded “LEED Platinum” status for its newly redesigned headquarters in Bld. 74—the first such award for any Berkeley Lab or DOE building within the Science Laboratory Infrastructure program.


Fiber-Optic Seismic Monitoring

ESD’s Tom Daley recently led a group of researchers in a series of field tests examining the suitability of DAS methodology for borehole and surface measurement of ground motion, with specific application to geologic carbon sequestration.


Reduced-Order Modeling of Flow

To streamline inverse modeling, ESD’s George Pau, Yingqi Zhang, and Stefan Finsterle recently studied reduced order models (ROMs) as numerical surrogates, using an input-output relational approach based on Gaussian process regression.


Rifle–A Community Site of Discovery and Accomplishment

The Rifle, Colorado, floodplain provides an excellent test bed for interrogating how global change affects biogeochemical system functioning. This work will be essential for the new BER-funded SFA 2.0, Phase I effort at Rifle.


Monitoring Change at Geysers with Radar

ESD geophysicist Don Vasco recently led a team of investigators (including ESD’s Jonny Rutqvist, Pat Dobson, and Curt Oldenburg) in resolving the deformation at The Geysers Geothermal Field, using two distinct sets of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data.


ARPA-E Funds Jansson’s Fuel Work

ARPA-E awarded ESD’s Christer Jansson a $3.5 M grant to work on direct methane conversion, a process that, if successful, could lead to low-cost, energy-efficient fuel production from natural gas.