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ESD Scientists, PhyloChip Break BioBlitz Record

ESD’s Gary Andersen and Eric Dubinsky counted nearly 1,000 species of bacteria and archaea in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area last weekend (March 28-30, 2014) as part of the BioBlitz 2014 project, breaking the BioBlitz record.


ESD Scientists Engage in BioBlitz

Gary Andersen and Eric Dubinsky will use the PhyloChip microarray to count microbes as part of BioBlitz 2014, a project of the U.S. Park Service and National Geographic.


New DNA Analysis Helps Cut through the Dirt

ESD’s Janet Jansson and fellow scientists from the JGI and Michigan State University report (in PNAS) the largest soil DNA sequencing effort to date—providing both a method for sifting through the data deluge and a reality check.


FOA for the Bioenergy Technologies Incubator

FOA: DE-FOA-0000974 Bioenergy Technologies Incubator. FOA document download here. Submission Deadline for Concept Papers: 03/31/2014, Submission Deadline for Full Applications: 05/23/2014


Key Photosynthesis Process Developed Before Oxygen

ESD’s Bob Buchanan was part of a team of researchers who recently discovered that a regulatory process activating photosynthesis in plants developed in ancient microbes long before oxygen was available on Earth.


Banfield Group Wins Honor

A recent article written by a group of UC scientists (Rose Kantor as lead author), and overseen by ESD’s Jillian Banfield, was honored by the journal mBio as an “editor’s pick” for the journal’s October-November 2013 issue.


Jens Birkholzer Named Earth Sciences Division Deputy

Jens Birkholzer has been named as the new ESD Division Deputy. As announced by ESD's Director Susan Hubbard, Jens will have an expanded role in developing a variety of subsurface energy related opportunities at Berkeley Lab.


Jansson Awarded Honor, Gives Lecture

Janet Jansson recently received an award for her work in soil biology, and presented the Francis E. Clark Distinguished Lectureship on Soil Biology, at a meeting of the Soil Science Society of America in Tampa, Florida.


Turning Our Waste into Fertilizer

ESD’s Gary Andersen and others are developing ways in which human waste compost can be turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer. By extracting DNA from compost and analyzing it, scientists ensure the compost is pathogen-free, and save water.


Testing Insights into Microorganisms

ESD’s Mari Nyyssönen, Ulas Karaoz, and Eoin Brodie have developed high-throughput screening assays for function-based characterization of activities involved in plant-polymer decomposition from environmental metagenomic libraries.