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“Hang Out” with ESD Scientists!

Join ESD scientists Craig Ulrich, Tim Kneafsey, Yuxin Wu, Romy Chakraborty, and Neslihan Tas on April 24 for the Berkeley Lab “Hangout on Air.”


ESD Tackles Tropical Forest C Balance

ESD’s Alan DiVittorio and others used an empirical tree-growth model to show that a power law distribution of event size is required to generate spatial clustering of mortality that is consistent with forest gap observations.


GOAmazon Tracks Pollution’s Effect on Rainforest

ESD’s Jeff Chambers work with the GOAmazon project is specifically designed to study the influence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on plant physiology, and how they affect the forest ecosystem.


Fung Paper Informs Policymakers, Public

Inez Fung led a U.S. team that partnered with the U.K. Royal Society in issuing a publication that distills climate change science, helping policymakers and the public make decisions toward mitigating climate change’s damaging effects.


Chambers in a New Tropical Rainforest Study

Jeff Chambers is part of an international scientific team (from U.S.A., Brazil, and Germany) working on Green Ocean Amazon (GOAmazon), to study the intricacies of the natural state of the Amazon rainforest atmosphere and land systems.


Video: Collins Talks Climate with NERSC Users

At the annual NERSC User Group meeting, Bill Collins spoke on “Modeling the Changing Earth System: Prospects and Challenges,”--attracting one of the largest audiences at the event.


Jens Birkholzer Named Earth Sciences Division Deputy

Jens Birkholzer has been named as the new ESD Division Deputy. As announced by ESD's Director Susan Hubbard, Jens will have an expanded role in developing a variety of subsurface energy related opportunities at Berkeley Lab.


ESD Scientists Win LDRD Awards

ESD was well represented among Fiscal Year 2014 Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) award winners, as announced this week (12/16/2013) by the Berkeley Lab Directorate.


ESD, AGU, and the AmeriFlux Project

At the AGU meeting this week in San Francisco, ESD participants in the AmeriFlux Project (including co-PI Margaret Torn) will be giving talks, sharing posters, and staffing ESD’s “Meet a Scientist”booth.


Accelerating Models with Existing Code

ESD’s Daniel Coleman and Daniel Feldman explored acceleration of a radiation code used in creating simulated satellite observations of predicted climate-change scenarios, achieving a speedup of 25 times over present speeds.