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Moridis on New Sensing Techniques in New Scientist

George Moridis and Dan Hawkes

George-moridis_smlA recent article in the UK-based journal New Scientist –on new hydrocarbon sensing techniques being used in Australia—quotes ESD’s Hydrocarbon Resources Program Head George Moridis, on just how and for what reason these techniques are being used. The goal, as the article describes it, is to “combine data about the rock at many different scales, from the molecular dynamics of how gas adheres to a substrate, to how gas flows through different types of rock, all the way to the behavior of an entire gas field. ‘We are able to look at every level, says Moridis.'”

Moridis_sensingfigureThe article goes on to say that, even with all these new exploratory capabilities, certain things do not change. “Sensing and computing will never entirely replace good old-fashioned exploratory drilling.... As Moridis says: ‘You cannot produce gas out of a computer.’”

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