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Holm in KQED’s Clue into Climate Series

Source: Jennifer Holms, and Dan Hawkes

Jenniferholm_smallESD climate scientist Jennifer Holm’s work has recently been included within a new addition to the KQED iBooks Textbooks collection, entitled Clue into Climate, a four-part series on climate change.  The four books in the series, available on iPad or Mac, with iTunes, are (1) Clue into Climate: Causes of Change; (2) Clue into Climate: Changing Water; (3) Clue into Climate: Changing Ecosystems, and (4) Clue into Climate: Facing Our Future.

Holm contributed to Clue into Climate: Causes of Change with her work on modeling and evaluating how forests, and specifically tropical forests, are responding to a changing climate. Through the use of land surface models and earth system models, she focused on the fate of forests in response to changes in disturbance regimes, land-use change, increased tree mortality rates—and how all these changes will affect the global carbon cycle and the ability for tropical forests to act as a carbon sink. Note that Holm’s career video is posted on the KQED QUEST website:

Clue into Climate explores climate change through a blend of high-quality videos, interactive graphics and real-world examples of the effects of climate change. Primarily developed for middle- and high-school students, but also relevant for lifelong learners, the series explores the causes of climate change, its impacts on freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, and innovative strategies for curbing and adapting to change.

In addition, earlier this past summer, Holm was shown in a short video clip on high-performance computing (HPC) as it relates to modeling climate change (entitled “HPC Matters”).

Congratulations, Jennifer!

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