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12 posts from January 2014


Moridis on U.S. Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee

ESD’s George Moridis was recently appointed by to serve a two-year term on the Energy Department’s Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee, which offers advice to the Energy Department regarding methane hydrate research and development.


Banfield Group Wins Honor

A recent article written by a group of UC scientists (Rose Kantor as lead author), and overseen by ESD’s Jillian Banfield, was honored by the journal mBio as an “editor’s pick” for the journal’s October-November 2013 issue.

Nigel Quinn Wins Water-Environmental Award

Nigel Quinn received the Distinguished Life Membership Award from the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum—which cited his many years of outstanding service and his work to establish the framework for model peer review.

Dobson Addresses Congressional Audience on Geothermal Energy

ESD’s Pat Dobson was one of three speakers as part of the Congressional “Energy from the Earth Briefing Series”—talks intended for Congressional staff members to help inform Federal energy legislation.

Christer Jansson Putting Methane to Energy Use

ESD’s Christer Jansson leads a team of scientists working on producing an enzyme that will help convert methane, an abundant Earth resource, into a transportation fuel.


Reduce the Risk of Exposure to Influenza in the Workplace

According to CDC’s influenza surveillance report published on January 3, 2014, significant increases in flu activity in the United States have occurred in the last couple weeks, indicating that flu season is here.

LDRD FY 2015 Call for Proposals

Director Alivisatos recently issued the call for proposals for the FY2015 Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Program. If you are considering submission of an Area (divisional) LDRD, please sign-up by Wednesday, January 29

Jens Birkholzer Named Earth Sciences Division Deputy

Jens Birkholzer has been named as the new ESD Division Deputy. As announced by ESD's Director Susan Hubbard, Jens will have an expanded role in developing a variety of subsurface energy related opportunities at Berkeley Lab.


DSSS: The Biological Use of Cadmium in the Ocean

ESD welcomes Dr. Francois Morel (Princeton Univ.), presenting "DSSS: The Biological Use of Cadmium in the Ocean" January 17 at 10:30am in the Bldg. 66 Auditorium.


2014 Funding Opportunity: Hydrothermal Exploration

2014 Funding Opportunity Announcement Will Advance Hydrothermal Exploration! DOE Notice of Intent (NOI) only.