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Post-AGU Week and No Rest for the Weary

Our Berkeley Lab Earth Scientists and Staff Volunteers are back in their offices only to ramp during post-AGU week to finish other projects, read through emails, and get as much done before the end of the year!  No rest for the weary! ESD_BlueGlobe2013Thanksv2

The American Geophysical Union's (AGU) Annual Fall Meeting, held at the San Francisco Moscone Center, is where our Earth Scientists highlight a lot of the research activities and discoveries to more than 22,000 earth and space scientists, educators, students, and other leaders. This year (2013) was also attended by Berkeley Lab scientists from Computational Research Division and the DOE Joint Genome Institute.

ESD would like to thank everyone who helped with the pre-AGU, AGU, and post-AGU weeks. The ESD exhibitor's booth was well attended by ESD Alumni and many others interested in knowing more about Berkeley Lab and our earth science research which included:

Distributed Fiber Optic Technology
EMGeo 3D Codes
GeoT software codes
Lightweight Portable X-Ray Core Scanner
Piezotube Borehole Seismic Source
T2Well Codes
TOUGH Family of Codes
Upcoming Open Source Software Tools
WebGasEOS tool

Research Project Highlights
Enhanced Geothermal Systems and the Geothermal Program
Land Use and Climate
Satellites and Climate Models
Subsurface Biogeochemistry SFA 2.0 & Data Management Framework
Finally, in case you missed AGU week itself, here is a recap and thanks to our Berkeley Lab partners who helped us tweet and highlight our activities during AGU.

Happy Holidays from the Earth Sciences Division!


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