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13 posts from November 2013


Accelerating Models with Existing Code

ESD’s Daniel Coleman and Daniel Feldman explored acceleration of a radiation code used in creating simulated satellite observations of predicted climate-change scenarios, achieving a speedup of 25 times over present speeds.

More Methane Than We Thought

ESD ‘s Sebastien Biraud was co-author of a scientific paper cited earlier this week in a New York Times article on the increasing emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas, into Earth’s atmosphere.

Oldenburg Makes Korean Connections

A talk between Curt Oldenburg and the Korean Consul General led to an invitation to the Korea Day celebration San Francisco—and then to a talk (captured on video) at the Korean CleanTech Conference last week at Berkeley’s Claremont Hotel.


GHG from Land-Use Changes

Andy Jones, Bill Collins, and Margaret Torn recently showed that, within climate models, when the effects of agricultural expansion are balanced by atmospheric carbon dioxide, changes in the timing of climate change result.


Modeling Transport: Fracture-Matrix

Using an analytical approach to study solute transport through a fracture in a permeable rock matrix, Jim Houseworth, Daisuke Asahina, and Jens Birkholzer generated a closed-form model that accounts for elusive fracture-matrix transport.


FY 2015 SERDP Call for Proposals

DoD's Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) has released their solicitation for both Core and SEED proposals. The two have different deadlines (Core: pre-proposal required, deadline of 9-Jan-2014; SEED: no pre-proposal, full proposal deadline 11-March-2014) with distinct Statements of Need (SONs) for both.


Catching Soil Evaporation in Models

Recognizing that soil evaporation is one of the few ways the land surface returns water to the atmosphere, ESD’s Jinyun Tang and Bill Riley describe the implementation of a new bare-soil evaporation formulation for climate models.


Combining Polycrystals with Poroelasticity

ESD’s Jim Berryman combines two types of geomechanical analysis—random polycrystal analysis with poroelastic analyses—by treating anisotropic poroelastic grains jumbled together to form an overall polycrystalline poroelastic material


Jansson Awarded Honor, Gives Lecture

Janet Jansson recently received an award for her work in soil biology, and presented the Francis E. Clark Distinguished Lectureship on Soil Biology, at a meeting of the Soil Science Society of America in Tampa, Florida.


CESM: A Powerful Climate Model

ESD’s Bill Collins is one of a number of climate scientists recently active in developing the Community Earth System Model (CESM)—an enhanced model that enables investigations into a wide range of pressing scientific questions.