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FY 2015 SERDP Call for Proposals

Source:  Ken Williams and Lisa Kelly

The FY 15 SERDP call for proposals has just been announced. This year's solicitation details are noted below in a message from Ken Williams, ERWR Program Lead.

If you plan to respond to this solicitation, please read the information provided in the links and below, and notify Ken Williams, Lisa Kelly and your supervisor.

DoD's Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) has released their solicitation for both Core and SEED proposals.  The two have different deadlines (Core: pre-proposal required, deadline of 9-Jan-2014SEED: no pre-proposal, full proposal deadline 11-March-2014) with distinct Statements of Need (SONs) for both.

Included in the SON's for the Core solicitation (typical project durations of 2-5 years) are topics related to natural attenuation (e.g quantifying and delineating its prospects) and detection of underwater marine munitions both potentially topics of interest to members of ESD.

Additionally, there are two SONs of potential interest to folks in the Climate Sciences and Ecology groups: (a) New Paradigms for Managing Species and Ecosystems in a Non-Stationary World and (b) Adapting to Changes in the Hydrologic Cycle under Non-Stationary Climate Conditions.  The latter topic has an expressed interest in understanding/quantifying the non-uniform spatial and temporal distribution of potential climate-induced changes in the intensity and variability of heavy precipitation and runoff.

Two of the relevant SONs are available below (Natural Attenuation; Adapting to Changes in the Hydrologic Cycle), as is the Nov. 2013 Groundwater Workshop report from SERDP that provides a lot of useful background material assessing 'critical' needs and/or topics; it is definitely worth looking through if you plan on submitting a Core or SEED proposal.

SERDP is hosting an information webinar on 19-Nov to explain the SONs (