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Funding Opportunity for Commercialization -- Berkeley Lab Innovation


Please find below information about the Berkeley Lab Innovation Grants.  I encourage you to attend one of the brown bag information sessions if you are interested in this opportunity.


Susan Hubbard


I am pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for the Berkeley Lab Innovation Grants 2014

The purpose of the Innovation Grants Program is to advance the development of Lab inventions and software toward commercial applications.  This program supports promising inventions by evaluating the commercial viability, identifying key development milestones, and then providing up to $100,000 in funding and resources to achieve the most critical of these milestones.   The goal is to substantively improve the likelihood of commercializing technologies that have significant market potential.  Technology Transfer staff will work with each applicant to take an objective look at the technology’s chances of being licensed and how the proposed work could increase those chances.

Proposals must focus on developing reported Berkeley Lab inventions or software and be submitted by a Berkeley Lab career, faculty, or career track scientist or engineer. All projects must clearly state the expected outcomes that address a barrier to commercialization, such as building a prototype, proving efficiency at a certain level, demonstrating operating capability under certain conditions, integrating with another technology, etc. 

The deadline for proposal submission for Berkeley Lab Innovation Grants 2014 is Tuesday, October 15, 2013.  Awards will be announced by December 19, 2013, and projects can begin in January 2014.

A series of brown bag information sessions will be held at various locations around the Lab to answer questions.  More information on these sessions can be found at Individuals interested in applying can also contact Shanshan Li in Tech Transfer at x5366 for more information.

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