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Doughty Uses TOUGH To Trap CO2

Source: Christine Doughty and Dan Hawkes

ChrisdoughtyAn article recently published (September 11, 2013) in Physics Today describes how ESD hydrogeologist Christine Doughty uses the Transport of Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat (TOUGH) model (developed and used over the last 20 years by ESD for many different applications) to simulate the movement of supercritical CO2 and heat in porous media. Doughty has customized this model so she can compare field measurements with simulations of CO2 plume migration, and thus determine just how much injected CO2 will stay trapped in an aquifer as bubbles within the porous media.  The customized code is now available as a module within the publically available TOUGH2.

For more information, go to: keeping_carbon_dioxide_emissions