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Investigating Saprolites at the Oak Ridge IFRC Site

Source: Dan Hawkes

Susan_yuxinOver the last three decades, contaminants at the Oak Ridge Integrated Field Research Challenge (IFRC) site have infiltrated a shallow saprolitic (chemically weathered) pond, resulting in plumes extending up to 5 km downgradient from the pond. ESD Division Director Susan Hubbard and ESD scientist Yuxin Wu were part of a team that developed a database of various petrophysical data (i.e., physical and chemical measurements of rocks and their interactions with fluids) developed through comparing uncontaminated core samples at the IFRC with plume-contaminated samples from the same geologic formation.

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Citation: Revil, A., M. Skold, S.S. Hubbard, Y. Wu, D. Watson, and M. Karaoulis (2013), Petrophysical properties of saprolites from the Oak Ridge Integrated Field Research Challenge site, Tennessee. Geophysics, 78 (1), D21–D40; DOI: 10.1190/GEO2012-0176.1.

Funding Source: SS SFA