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Smokers Reminded to Comply With Lab Policy

by: ESD Safety Coordinator Vivi Fissekidou (x5610)

NosmokeTo diminish fire and health hazards, employees who smoke are reminded to adhere to the Lab’s policy on smoking. Smoking is only permitted outdoors on areas paved with asphalt, brick or concrete, and at least 25 feet away from building entrances, operable windows and air intakes.

No smoking is allowed in Lab vehicles, on decks or stairs, in areas with vegetation, or any areas posted as "No Smoking." Smokers are responsible for the safe disposal of their cigarettes and should use ash cans to make sure materials are properly extinguished.  

View the full policy:

  1. Where Smoking Is Not Permitted: The Laboratory, in keeping with the purpose of this policy and in compliance with California law, has determined that smoking is not permitted in these areas:
    • In any Laboratory building
    • In any Laboratory vehicle
    • Within 25 feet (7.62 meters) of any Laboratory building
    • On decks or stairs
    • In areas with vegetation
    • In any area posted as "No Smoking"
  2. Where Smoking Is Permitted: Smoking is permitted only in outdoor areas that are paved with asphalt, brick, or concrete. All individuals are responsible for ensuring:a. That their smoke does not enter buildings.b. The safe disposal of their smoking materials.
  3. If the preferences of smokers and nonsmokers conflict, the preference of nonsmokers will prevail.
  4. Violations of this policy should be reported to a Laboratory supervisor.

Don't hesitate to contact Vivi Fissekidou with any questions.