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8 posts from June 2013


Save the Date: Watershed—Noon, July 23

Next month (July 2013), LBNL’s MSD will host the documentary Watershed, produced and narrated by Robert Redford, describing present and future threats to the river and potential solutions to these threats.

ESD’s Rutqvist & Cappa Honored by ARMA

ESD’s Jonny Rutqvist (Staff Scientist) and Frederic Cappa (affiliated staff from University of Nice, France) received the 2013 Rock Mechanics Research Award from the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA).


ESD and Living Ground-Cover Crusts

ESD’s Ulisses Nunes Da Rocha, Nick Bouskill, and Eoin Brodie are part of a cross-LBNL-divisional team analyzing soil crusts made of long-dormant cyanobacteria that become activated by rainfall, then resume dormancy when the rainfall stops.


Janet Jansson Hunts Microbial DNA

ESD’s Janet Jansson stocks soil samples from around the world in her refrigerator, as part of a plan to build a global “gene atlas,” then to work out how nutrients and waste products migrate through the ecosystem.

Biofuels from Versatile Bacteria

ESD’s Tamas Torok and Hoi-Ying Holman, in collaboration with Michael Cohen of Sonoma State, are studying alkaline-tolerant bacteria that could someday increase efficiency and reduce the cost of biofuel processing.


CPR & First Aid Courses Offered June 17

Margaret Torn and the EHSS training department have scheduled First Aid and CPR training for ESD staff.

Onsite Massage Program

To help staff reduce stress, the Lab hosts a weekly massage program on the main site.


Smokers Reminded to Comply With Lab Policy

To diminish fire and health hazards, employees who smoke are reminded to adhere to the Lab’s policy on smoking.