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LBNL-UCD Predictive Agriculture Workshop

A “Predictive Agriculture” Workshop was held on April 29th, 2013, as part of a new UC Davis and LBNL initiative geared toward developing the transformative technologies and predictive understanding required to sustainably manage key agricultural systems. Sustainable agricultural systems are needed to meet the food, feed, and fuel demands of a growing world population under changing environmental conditions. The workshop and the topics on which it focused arose from the signing of an LBNL-UCD MOU between Laboratory Director Paul Alivisatos and UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi last August. Approximately 50 participants attended the workshop, including scientists from five LBNL divisions.

Presentations and discussions at the workshop emphasized the need to identify capabilities and opportunities for advancing agricultural system process understanding, sensing, and management practices as well as computational infrastructure and simulation capabilities. Susan Hubbard (ESD Division Director), Mary Maxon (Biosciences Director of Development), Bill Collins (ESD Climate Department Head), and Adam Arkin (PBD Division Director) worked closely with Jan Hopmans and Martha Krebs of UCD to organize the workshop.  

More information about the workshop is given here:

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