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18 posts from April 2013


LBNL-UCD Predictive Agriculture Workshop

The First Partnership Workshop of the LBNL/UC-Davis Predictive Agricultural Initiative focused on how to sustainably manage agricultural systems for a growing world population under changing environmental conditions.


ESD’s Ice-Breaking Science

ESD’s Susan Hubbard and her colleagues have trekked to Alaska throughout the past year to follow changes to the permafrost, seeking to understand how climate change will influence the trajectory of the permafrost system.


A Wealth of Earth Day-Week Activities

LBNL Deputy Director Horst Simon, in a message to the Lab, announces a wealth of Lab activities related to Earth Day and Earth Week, and invites all Lab employees to learn how they can make a positive impact.

RPSEA Call for Proposals: Unconventional Onshore - Due 6/5/13

The RPSEA program recently announced a new call for proposals “RFP: 2012UN001” under RPSEA Program: Unconventional Onshore.

NETL Funding Opportunity - FY13 Unconventional Gas & Oil Technologies- Due 6/13/13

The DOE NETL program recently announced a new funding opportunity “FY2013 Unconventional Gas and Oil Technologies, De-FOA-0000894.


Collins, Earth Day, and the Planet To Be

At noon on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, Bldng 50 Auditorium, ESD’s Bill Collins will explore the latest evidence from across the scientific community documenting the warming and thawing taking place around the globe.


LBNL Earth Week Activities

April 22-26, Earth Week at LBNL, will include LBNL’s Science at the Theater event entitled “How Hot Will It Get.” As part of this event, ESD’s Margaret Torn, Jeff Chambers, and Bill Collins will discuss the Earth’s changing climate.


Susan Hubbard Named ESD Director

We are very pleased to inform you that Susan Hubbard has been named Director of the Lab’s Earth Sciences Division, effective today.


After Hours Taxi

There is after hour/weekend taxi service available


Bicycle Rules and Safety

The following policy outlines measures that bicyclists must address