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ESD at AGU: A Zone of Constant Activity

Source: Lisa Kelly, Dan Hawkes

The AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco last month (December 2012) was a great success, especially for LBNL’s Earth Sciences Division. While a multitude of ESD scientists presented posters and talks on a myriad of subjects throughout the event—from carbon sequestration to biofuel production to earthquake mapping—our homebase at the site,  the ESD exhibit booth, was a zone of constant activity, drawing in many visitors, including students, senior scientists, faculty and DOE Program Managers.

ESD-AGU-Booth-with-Phil-LongThe posters in the booth were a big hit (special thanks to Diana Swantek and Walter Denn for their design skills), and were no doubt the key nonhuman presence at the booth. Many DOE program managers visited the booth, and they were really pleased by ESD's obvious "outreach" to the scientific community. The posters focused on broad program areas together with special attention to a few high profile and newly awarded projects (e.g., Geologic Carbon Sequestration, the EFRC, the BER SFAs (Sustainable Systems and Climate); NGEE Arctic, AmeriFlux, and Soils Science, just to name a few) and served to emphasize the coordinated efforts of the scientists within ESD and our collaborative work with other organizations. The posters at the booth told the stories of this work in an extremely effective way. In addition, other exhibits, such as the real-time earthquake mapper, drew extensive attention.

Our Meet the Scientist program was also a great success. A large collection of ESD scientists (from senior scientists to post docs) gave talks and answered questions at the booth regarding their areas of expertise. These sessions helped to raise ESD's profile as a center of scientific knowledge over a broad range of fields.

Many thanks to those people who contributed to ESD's impressive showing at the AGU meeting. 

See our photo gallery of this past December's AGU meeting below: