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Call for Proposals for FY2014 LDRDs

Source:  Donald DePaolo

Director Alivisatos recently issued the call for proposals for the FY2014 Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Program. All scientific staff from our Division are encouraged to think of potential innovative proposal topics.

The Lab-initiative related proposals address multi-divisional projects intended to initiate and/or develop major new strategic directions in support of the high-level strategic goals of the Lab (see call for more detail). If you plan on submitting for the large scale, Lab-initiative proposals, you will need to first discuss it with your program head.  In addition, each strategic submittal from ESD will require a written letter of support (addressed to me) from the directors of any other divisions involved with the proposal. Note that a multi-Divisional proposal is not necessarily a "Labwide" initiative proposal, and does not need to be submitted as such.

The second group of proposals in FY 2014 will be for the Area LDRD competition. As usual, the initial review and ranking of ESD proposals will be done by the Division Council. The Deputy of Scientific Programs will submit the Division Council rankings to me as Associate Laboratory Director (ALD).  The ALD and the Division Directors within each Area will rank proposals within that Area, and then make recommendations to the Deputy Laboratory Director and Laboratory Director.

For the Energy and Environmental Sciences Area, the particular research topics for which proposals are especially encouraged are: i) Mesoscale science, ii) Sustainable chemistry and materials, iii) integrated assessment of water-energy-climate interactions, iv) technology for the developing world, v) Ultrafast science.  The Energy and Environmental Sciences Area may have workshops addressing each of the above research topics.  Please look for announcements.

All projects funded by LDRD must meet applicable Berkeley Lab environment, health, and safety requirements. A decision to fund a proposal identified as multi-year does not create a commitment to provide funding in future years. Proposals for continuation LDRD funding must also be submitted and compete with new proposals. The expected durations for projects started in FY14 is two years, a third year is available in outstanding and exemplary circumstances.

If you are considering writing an LDRD proposal, you must arrange for a preliminary review of your idea for a proposal by your department and/or program head, Susan Hubbard, or me so we can provide you preliminary feedback to help you decide if you want to invest your time in writing a full proposal.

All proposals are due to Carol Valladao via electronic transmission on or before Friday, March 8, 2013 before final upload on Monday, March 11.  Please work with Carol well in advance to prepare your budgets. Carol will enter all ESD proposals in the web-based submission system.  Should you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to contact Carol at x5781.Please see the LDRD website for more information:

Thank you, Don