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14 posts from December 2012


Pat Dobson, Chile, and Geothermal Energy

ESD’s Pat Dobson recently traveled to Chile to explore geothermal-energy collaborations with Chile, and to increase the practical and theoretical experience of Chilean graduate students in geothermal geochemistry and numerical modeling.


DARPA 2013 Early Career Opportunity

Please see below DARPA 2013 early career opportunity aimed at Biosciences. The turn around time to submit proposals is quickly approaching (January 21st). If you are interested, please advise your supervisor, the appropriate ESD Program Head and Lisa Kelly right away.

ESD Scientists Win FY2013 LBNL LDRD Awards

Scientists within the Earth Sciences Division won a number of LBNL FY2013 Laboratory Directed Research and Development awards, as announced recently within TABL by Lab Director Paul Alivisatos and shown below. Bravo, all!


Holiday Safety Tips

As part of our 24/7 Safety Program, I'd like to remind you of a few strategies that may help you enjoy the holidays without an incident.


Worldwide ESD Tracking of Geologic Carbon Sequestration

ESD’s Geologic Carbon Sequestration (GCS) Program website now features a searchable map of all the current, past, and future (planned) geologic carbon sequestration projects in the world today.


Was There Life on Mars? Crater Clues

ESD scientist Bill Dietrich explores the possibility of past life on Mars, noting that debris flows on Earth are able to carry boulders—as well as logs, cars, and even buildings—for very long distances. Martian gullies also culminate in lobe-like fans of eroded material, which are characteristic of debris-flow gullies on Earth.

Sposito Lecture at AGU (12/4)

ESD’s faculty scientist Gary Sposito gave the prestigious Langbein lecture, for the Hydrology Section at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, This lecture is awarded for "lifetime contributions to the basic science of hydrology.”


On the Propagation of a Disturbance in a Heterogeneous, Deformable, Porous Medium Saturated with Two Fluid Phases

ESD’s Don Vasco formulates the coupled modeling of flow for two immiscible fluid phases in a heterogeneous, elastic, porous material, in a manner analogous to that for a single fluid phase.

Visual Data Analysis and Exploration as an Integral Part of Environmental Management

Geologists, hydrologists, physicists and computer scientists are working together to create models of existing nuclear waste sites, to simulate their behavior, and to extrapolate it into the future.

Timing the Onset of Sulfate Reduction over Multiple Subsurface Acetate Amendments by Measurement and Modeling of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation

A team of ESD scientists headed by Jennifer Druhan has developed a biogeochemical reactive transport model that explicitly incorporates the stable isotopes of sulfur to simulate fractionation at the Rifle IFRC site during the 2007–2008 period.