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Meet ESD Scientists in Booth #406 at AGU 2012

Source:  Dan Hawkes

The Earth Sciences Division's "Meet the Scientist" program in Booth #406  at AGU 2012 will reveal the exceptional minds and diverse expertise of our earth scientists. This program, which will include not only ESD scientists but also participants from the Computational Research Division and UC Berkeley, will be an opportunity for scientists to explain what they are working on now and what they’ll be working on next, how their science is moving forward to solve some of the intractable problems of our times, and what the future of research, education, and training might be.

Please see below for our lineup of speakers by day. You can click on their photo to go to their staff page and learn more about their backgrounds, specialties and research interests.

Tuesday 12/4/12

Curt Oldenburg Hui-Hai Liu Jim Houseworth Matt Reagan John Beyer Ernie Majer Don DePaolo Tetsu Tokunaga Jonathan Ajo-Franklin Carl Steefel

Wednesday 12/5/12

Jeffrey Chambers Magaret Torn Eoin Brodie Janet Jansson Dennis Baldocchi Sebastien Biraud Deb Agarwal AGU_wed

Thursday 12/6/12

Susan Hubbard James Davis Phil Long Boris Faybishenko Christer Jansson Carl Steefel AGU_thurs

The Earth Sciences Division (ESD) at Berkeley Lab (LBNL) has  led the way in search of new energy resources, in cleaning up the environment, and in the study of climate change. Specifically, ESD conducts fundamental research in hydrogeology and reservoir engineering,  geophysics and geomechanics, geochemistry, and microbial ecology. What  makes ESD unique is its capability to investigate from the nanoscale to the field scale, using cutting-edge Berkeley Lab facilities such as  DOE's Advanced Light Source, the National Center for Electron Microscopy  (NCEM), the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), and the Molecular Foundry.

We hope you will visit us at Booth #406 and hear what our ESD scientists are really like, as well as what is going on in cutting-edge research  today!