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DSSS: Constructal Law of Design and Evolution in Nature


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 J. A. Jones Distinguished Professor Duke University Adrian Bejan received all his degrees from M.I.T.: B.S. (1971, Honors Course), M.S. (1972, Honors Course) and Ph.D. (1975). His research is in thermodynamics, applied physics, and the constructal law of design and evolution in nature. He is ranked by ISI among the 100 most-cited authors in all of Engineering (all fields, all countries, living or deceased). He is the author of 25 books and 550 peer-refereed journal articles. His h index on ISI is 47. Professor Bejan was awarded 16 honorary doctorates from universities in 11 countries, for example the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and the University of Rome I “La Sapienza”. He received numerous international awards for thermal sciences.


The reoccurring patterns of nature have long puzzled even the most devoted proponents of chance and Darwin’s theory of evolution. But the Constructal Law changes the terms of this debate, and shows that a single law of physics governs the “design” behind everything that moves―whether animate or inanimate. According to the Constructal law, shapes and structures arise because they facilitate movement, in animal design, river basin design, traffic patterns, social dynamics, and technology and sports evolution.