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6 posts from October 2012


Congratulations to Ulisses!

ESD congratulates Ulisses Nunes da Rocha for recently receiving the NSF “Science Education Leadership Award,” recognizing Ulisses’ significant contribution towards and leadership in synthetic biology education, outreach, and training.


DSSS: The vanishing North. How will climate change influence on the microbial genetic resources in Arctic?

ESD welcomes Lise Ovreas (Department of Biology and Center for Geobiology, University of Bergen), presenting "DSSS: The vanishing North. How will climate change influence on the microbial genetic resources in Arctic?" November 2 at 2:30pm in the Bldg. 66 Auditorium.


ESD at 2012 LBNL Open House

John Beyer, Ben Gilbert, and a team from ESD's Ecology Department (under the leadership of Romy Chakraborty and Eoin Brodie) provided education and outreach to a record-setting crowd attending the 2012 LBNL Open House. You can browse photos from the event here.


The Heroism of the Human Gut Microbiota

In this comprehensive review of recent studies, scientists (including ESD’s Janet Jansson) summarize the progress that has been made towards characterizing the diversity and function of microbial communities in the healthy human gut.


What Deep-Underground Microbes Tell Us

Jill Banfield, Ken Williams and Phil Long of ESD are coauthors of a recent Science article describing the activity of subsurface microorganisms—a study that could improve models describing the mobility of redox metals such as uranium.

Evidence of Water Transport on Mars

Scientists working on the Curiosity rover mission as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory project, including ESD’s William Dietrich, discuss the Mars rover’s discovery of a stream bed for NBC 4 television in Los Angeles.