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When Will The Weather Get Really Bad?

Source:  Dan Hawkes

BurningquestionExtreme-weather climate modeling conducted by ESD’s climate scientists, most notably Bill Collins, support the high-performance computing results discussed by CRD’s Michael Wehner, in this second installment of the Lab’s Ask a Scientist video series. Please feel free to send in questions about heat waves, extreme weather, and climate change—Wehner will answer some of those questions in a follow-up video coming soon. Go to:

Associated Publication:

Li, F., W.D. Collins, M.F. Wehner, D.L. Williamson, and J.G. Olson (2011), Response of precipitation extremes to global warming in an aqua-planet climate model: Towards robust projection from regional to global scales. Tellus A, 63 (5), 876–883; DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0870.2011.00543.x. LBNL-4758E.