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6 posts from August 2012


Carl Steefel: A “Hall of Fame” Geochemist

In the July 2012 issue of Geochemical Perspectives, ESD geochemist Carl Steefel is hailed as a leader in reactive transport modeling—one of the “Hall of Fame” contributors to the field (“as perceived from a petrologist’s perspective”).


When Will The Weather Get Really Bad?

Extreme-weather climate modeling conducted by ESD’s climate scientists, most notably Bill Collins, support the findings discussed by CRD’s Michael Wehner in this second installment of the Lab’s Ask a Scientist video series.


Relevant for the Times We Live In

As part of the Division 24/7 safety campaign please watch this 6 minute video produced by Public Safety and Homeland Security on how to survive an active shooter in the workplace.

LBNL Traffic Safety

Share the road and slow for construction. Traffic laws are enforced by UC police and infractions incur traffic fines.


Vivi's Safety Corner - July 2012

Minimize Injury When Traversing Stairs


Summer Interns Contribute to Science

ESD post-doc Ulisses Nunes da Rocha helps direct interns within a summer internship for disadvantaged high school students.