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5 posts from June 2012


A Natural Oil Spill Dispersal Process

LBNL researchers (including ESD Ecosystems Biology Program Head Janet Jansson) found that ocean microbial life (in addition to human efforts) played a role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill dispersal process


The Healthy Human Biome

An NIH-organized consortium including ESD scientists Janet Jansson and Gary Andersen has for the first time mapped the microbial make-up of healthy humans, potentially shedding light on our microbiome’s role in many common diseases.


What Soil-Carbon Decomposition Tells Us

A team of scientists including ESD’s Margaret Torn recently explored the vulnerability of decades-old soil-carbon decomposition to warming, and the implications this vulnerability has for the rate of climate change.


ESD's PMP Process Begins

ESD’s annual performance management process (PMP) was initiated June 5th, 2012. A website has been created to communicate new changes, process descriptions and a calendar of deadlines.


Vivi's Safety Corner - June 2012

24/7 - Safety Strategies You'd Never Think Of