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8 posts from April 2012


Biofuels Beyond Photosynthesis

As part of LBNL’s ARPA-electrofuel project, ESD’s Steve Singer and Harry Beller are leading a team of scientists in investigating whether certain soil bacteria can be converted to produce biofuels more efficiently—avoiding photosynthesis.

A Bright Light on Single Cell Function

A team of LBNL scientists sheds light on individual cell processes by describing how they train infrared radiation from a synchrotron light source on single cells—to find out how they grow, differentiate, and respond to external stimuli.


Paul Witherspoon Memorial May 3, 2012

The Witherspoon Memorial Committee will be hosting a memorial service for Paul Witherspoon next week, May 3rd, 2012, 2-5PM at the Brazilian Room at Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley.


ESD’s Nakagawa Receives BES Award

ESD’s Seiji Nakagawa and his collaborators recently received an award for the best research presentation, at the Annual Symposium for the Geosciences Research Program, within the DOE’s Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

Progress on Carbon Capture

This Thursday afternoon (3 p.m.), Dr. Elizabeth Burton, WESTCARB Technical Director, will discuss the latest news regarding carbon capture, utilization, and storage, as part of the Earth Science and Industry Seminar series.


Vivi's Safety Corner - March 2012

Off-Site Fieldwork Hazards and Controls


Fertilizer Use & Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide

ESD scientist & UC Professor Kristie Boering leads study into fertilizer use being responsible for increased nitrous oxide in the atmosphere.


DSSS: Archaeal Ammonia Oxidisers in Soil: So What?

ESD welcomes Dr. James I. Prosser (University of Aberdeen, UK), presenting "Archaeal Ammonia Oxidisers in Soil: So What?" April. 13 at 10:30am in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium.