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11 posts from February 2012


Fill 'er Up With Tobacco?

It'll take some doing, but ESD's Christer Jansson and others hope to create a new recipe for biofuels. Jansson will discuss the project at the Feb. 27-29 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit.


How Microbes Keep the Earth Alive

At the recent annual AAAS conference in Vancouver, a group of scientists including ESD’s Janet Jansson announced first results from the Earth Microbiome Project, an international collaboration to “model the microbial planet."

DSSS: Islands as Model Systems for Understanding Soils, Ecosystems, and Human-Environment Interactions

ESD welcomes Dr. Peter Vitousek (Stanford Univ.), presenting "Islands as Model Systems for Understanding Soils" Feb. 17 at 10:30am in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium.

ESD's Innovation Grant Awards

ESD scientists, George Pau, Stefan Finsterle, Eric Sonnenthal, Michael Commer Greg Newman and Petr Petrov, along with other Lab scientists win first Innovation Grant Awards.


ESD: Science at the Theater

ESD's Tamas Torok will be among other LBNL scentists & will talk on microbial diversity in extreme environments at the latest Science at the Theater, Monday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m. at the Berkeley Rep.


In Memoriam: Paul Witherspoon

ESD mourns the passing of Paul Witherspoon (1919–2012), the division’s first leader, this past Friday, February 10, after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

ESD Climate Scientists and the Press

Clearly informing the general public about the scientific work related to climate change is a necessity. Addressing this need, ESD climate scientists recently spoke to media representatives on key climate issues.


Join us in Wishing Dr. Witherspoon a Very Happy Birthday

Dr. Paul A. Witherspoon turns 93 today. Laboratory Director Andrew Sessler appointed Witherspoon as the first Earth Sciences Division Director (1977-1982).


Vivi's Safety Corner - January 2012

1. Employee Reporting of abnormal events or unsafe conditions 2. Work Alone Policy


Need a Science Speaker? For Free?

Scientists at the Center for Nanoscale Control of Geologic CO2 love talking about their cutting-edge research. They do this, for free, as part of the NCGC Distinguished Lecturer Series, directed toward academia, societies, and industry.