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10 posts from November 2011


Torn Finds Emissions Goals Achievable

In a recently published article in Science, ESD’s Margaret Torn and others find that California’s 2050 carbon-emission-reduction goals are achievable using available technologies— assuming the widespread electrification of transportation and other sectors.

Radioactive Contamination over Geologic Time

ESD’s Ruth Tinnacher and others recently evaluated the relevance of various sorption characteristics for a particular radioactive isotope, as a step toward predicting the mobility of radioactive contaminants in soils and groundwater systems, and assessing the environmental risks associated with nuclear waste repositories and contaminated field sites.


2011 LBNL Open House

The LBNL Open House was held on Saturday, October 15. Volunteers and employees of the Earth Sciences Division came together, with the rest of the Lab, to host friends and families from local communities and schools. Groups and individuals came by our exhibits to read, listen, learn, and do! Here...

LBNL and Wuhan University Collaborate

This past Monday, Nov. 14, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Wuhan University of China agreed (in a memorandum of understanding—MOU) to collectively explore their mutual interests in scientific education and research


CC2.0 Special Event: Don DePaolo Talk

ESD Director Donald J. DePaolo talks about the link between climate change and the “carbon cycle change”: the fact that Earth’s carbon cycles have undergone revolutionary change, entirely due to human burning of fossil fuels and removal of forests


ESD Communications Digest - October 2011 Edition

This digest provides you a summary of communication highlights from around the division that were added or updated during the course of the month.

Vivi's Safety Corner - October 2011

1. Near Miss Reporting Reminder 2. Winter Safety Reminders

Arctic Microbes in a Warming World

In a recently published article in Nature, Janet Jansson and her team of researchers from ESD—as well as from DOE, JGI, and the U.S. Geological Survey—studied how microbes found in permafrost respond to their warming environment.


Andersen Is LBNL Biosafety Chairman

In October 2011, ESD's Gary Andersen was recently appointed the Chair of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), which provides institutional assurance of safety by reviewing research with biological materials that may pose safety, health, or environmental risks.

ESD and GCS Come to Big Sky Country

ESD's Curt Oldenburg and Quanlin Zhou are part of an effort to determine whether a large fraction of Montana’s and nearby states’ CO2 emissions can be stored deep underground — where it can’t contribute to climate change.