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6 posts from October 2011


ESD Scientists Win DOE Secretary Honor Awards

This month (October 2011), several ESD scientists were winners of the coveted DOE Secretary’s Achievement Honor Awards.


Next Science at the Theater to Focus on the World Beneath Our Feet

Four ESD scientists will unveil the “Secrets of the Soil” at the next Science at the Theater on Monday, Nov. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Berkeley Rep.


ESD Communications Digest - September 2011 Edition

This digest provides you a summary of communication highlights from around the division that were added or updated during the course of the month.


Soil Carbon's Fate as Climate Changes

Scientists don’t know what will happen to soil carbon in response to climate change. It could enter the atmosphere as CO2, a greenhouse gas, and further accelerate climate change. But how much — and when — remains a mystery.

Vivi's Safety Corner - September 2011

Electrical Safety Reminder regarding the use of extension cords


Berkeley Lab to Share in Three New ARPA-E Energy Projects

ESD's Christer Jansson will receive 4.9 million from ARPA-E to engineer tobacco plants to produce molecules in their leaves that can be used as high-density liquid transportation fuels.